by Benny Perez

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Expectation of Peace (1 of 2)
Series: Expectation
Benny Perez
John 14:1, 27

As we begin 2014 we are looking at this year with Great Expectation. I believe that we can live and have Expectation for what God is going to do this year. We are starting a New Series Called Expectation.

Text: John 14:1, 27

I. Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled

A. Jesus tells us not to let our hearts be troubled

1. It is a choice.

2. You can choose to let your heart to be troubled.

B. Don't let worry and fear grip you.

1. Worry and Fear are cousins.

2. Worry is something may happen, fear is it is happening now.

II. Jesus Gives Us Peace v. 27

A. Peace is a gift.

1. You cannot earn or deserve a gift.

2. It is given on the merit of the person giving the gift not on the receiver.

Key Pt: Peace is not something you have earned but something you have been given
By Jesus.

B. Peace of Mind and Heart

1. Jesus defines the peace he gives.

2. It is a peace in the inside that governs the outside.

Key Pt: When we rest in the fact that Jesus and His Finished Work on the Cross
Has made us right with God, there is a divine rest and peace that comes.

Peace comes when we stop trying and start trusting Jesus.

Peace is a person and the more we focus on the Person Jesus the more Peace
Will prevail.

III. The World Cannot Give It To Us

A. Peace is not found in a

1. Pill, Portion or Drink.

2. A destination like Hawaii.

Key Pt: You may have tranquility but that is not Peace.

B. Jesus said His Peace the World cannot give

1. The world basis its peace on resources.

2. While God's Peace resides in relationships

Key Pt: To be right with God means to enjoy the Peace of God.

When you are enjoying God's Peace there is joy and contentment.

C. The World

1. Depends on personal ability but we depend o ...

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