by Johnny Hunt

The Cup of Blessing
Johnny Hunt
1 Corinthians 11:23-26

INTRODUCTION: The Passover recorded in the book of Exodus will always serve as a backdrop for the Lord's Supper in which Jesus participated and the Lord's Supper was instituted.

This passage in 1 Corinthians is like a diamond against a black backdrop. One of the most beautiful passages is given in the middle of a story of rebuke of worldly, carnal, selfish and insensitive attitudes and behavior.

The most beautiful and meaningful of Christian celebrations was instituted on the very night the Lord was arrested and betrayed. In the midst of the world's evil, God establishes His good; in the midst of Satan's wickedness, God plants His holiness. In the midst of Satan's absolute worst, the condemnation of the Son of God on the cross, God accomplished His absolute best, the sacrifice for the redemption of the world through the cross.

In the Passover meal there are 4 cups of wine used, each bring their own significance. Let's study together with special emphasis on the 3rd cup.

I. The Cup of Sanctification

The head of the family pronounces a blessing over the first cup; the cup is shared, blessed by herbs dipped in a fruit sauce. The head of the family would call the rest of the family to attention and would then proceed to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God and a prayer to sanctify the family for this special meal. It was a time of spiritual preparation. This prayer of thanksgiving would remind those listening of their gratefulness toward God and how God deserved our gratitude, in light of the fact that they were present at the table and not in bondage to Egypt even still.

Gratitude For Freedom God granted.

The sanctification would give them the right heart to take part in the coming events of the supper.

II. The Cup of Declaration

It was at this point, the youngest son would ask why this night is different from other nights, why unleavened bread is eaten on this night? In reply, the ...

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