by Jerry Watts

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A Needed Message (1 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 1:1-8

What comes to your mind when you hear the term "Centerpieces?" A centerpiece sets in the center, on display, for all to see. Everything you do around this should highlight it and make it look its best. As I understand it, when decorating a room, a table, or even for an event, it is common to begin with the centerpiece and work out from there.

Without a doubt, Jesus is the centerpiece of God's plan, God's word, and God's Glorious gospel. God's good news is that He has a plan to redeem mankind and Jesus is the center of it all. Here's the truth: we can do church the way we think we should, we can reach many people, and we can have great programs, but if we miss Jesus - we have missed it all. This is the most needed message of our day.

God inspired four gospels to be written to tell us about Jesus. John Phillips tells us that Matthew was written for the Jews, Luke was written for the Greeks, John was written for the church, and Mark was written for the Romans. It would seem that Mark sat down with Peter who told him the story and then under the inspiration of the Spirit penned a gospel that was reflective of Peter's experience. That is why this gospel is one of high and ongoing action. Words like "immediately" or "straightway" are frequently used.

Mark is an exciting book. He gives us a needed message, that is, the message of Jesus is a high energy and impact. It is God's message for today. Let's read our text.

The message today is very simple and much needed. I'll divide into 4 thoughts:

1) AN EXPLOSIVE MESSAGE - Mark differs from other 3 because he jumps directly to "immediate, preceding" days of Jesus ministry. He gives no elaborate intro but just leaps right in to his message. Notice how he says "The beginning" and not "A" beginning of the gospel. Mark was so confident in the gospel of Jesus and that this world needed this message that h ...

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