by Jerry Watts

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Lessons From the Master (2 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 1:9-13

Learning lessons in life can be fun or they can be painful. Fun lesson can come from the personal experience of watching others. Thirty years ago in Shreveport, I had a friend named Jeff Murphy. He was one of the best golfers I have ever known. When we played, I watched, I listened, and I learned. And it was fun. After I surrendered to preach my pastor, Dr. Butler, took me under his wing and again, I watched, I listened, and I learned. Once again, it was really fun.

However, some lessons we learn the hard way and they are NOT fun. Dad used to call this the "school of hard knocks." This is a school which is not the easiest or the most fun, but you rarely forget that lesson. For instance, 'don't stick your finger into the fire, it'll hurt.' Try it and you won't forget it. Or how about 'obedience' - don't do it and-well-you know.

I submit that we can learn lessons about life from our Lord. (READ Text)

1) THE COMING OF JESUS - (V9-11) - The very first lesson we can learn from our Lord is that He came with an ultimately purpose of redeeming and reclaiming mankind.

John had come as the messenger from God. His ministry was to prepare the way for Jesus. He was to make the way easier and/or get the people ready for Jesus. Jesus was the most purpose driven individual to walk the face of this small planet. Everything He did pointed to the ultimate reason He came. Let's look and learn from Him about His purpose and coming.

a) His Attentiveness - In these early days, Jesus did the ground work so that His ultimate mission and purpose could be completed with a solid foundation. Jesus came from His home and presented Himself to John to be "Baptized." This is a major detail because it is the symbol of the beginning of His ministry. For approximately 30 years, Jesus had lived at home, submitted to His parents, and demonstrated respect for all ...

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