by Jerry Watts

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Jesus is the Answer (5 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 1:29-34

We live in a world that is searching for answers. The problem is that when we, mankind, thinks we have discovered the answers, they change all the questions.

The events of last Monday in Boston shine a light on the questions we are asking. Questions like: Why would someone kill innocent people in this way? Yet my question is, why would we, as a culture, kill innocent babies? The answers seem allusive and offer more questions.

Why are people becoming so hurtful and hateful? Why are kids being killed on campuses? Why is life so scrambled?

An older generation is asking what has happened to this country and culture. What's going on in this land? Where is the country in which I grew up? At the same time, a young generation seems to be asking about truth. Is there really any absolute truth or is everything relative? In other words, is there anything stable? (I submit that their question is a great question because baby-boomers have been so enamored with self, that we have largely abandoned the stable things of the days past which have rendered our world "topsy-turvy). They also ask, "Is there anything to soothe this hurt and emptiness that I feel?"

Today we seek and need answers. First of all, the root cause of every hurt, pain, and problem we face is found in the fallen nature of mankind. Evil is among us, sickness ravages our bodies, and unspeakable acts of violence and cruelty are prevalent because the heart, above all else, is deceitfully wicked. We try to 'figure it out', 'work it out,' and tough it out to no avail.

This day let me tell you that the answer to the problems of this world, the answer to the problems in this country, and the answer problems in our culture is the answer for you and me. That answer's name is Jesus. When Jesus steps in - the answer has arrived.

In our text, Jesus has just left the synagogue where He ...

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