by Jerry Watts

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Biblical View Of Ministry (6 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 1:29-38

From the 1940's the story is told about a town where Billy Graham was scheduled to hold a meeting and the Pastors about his influence. One is reported to say, "He'll set the church back 50 years." When young Billy Graham was told of those remarks, he responded, "If that is what I'll do, I've missed my mark. I wanted to set the church back 200 years."

One of the most enlightening books I have read in the last 10 years is entitled "Reclaiming God's Original Intent for the Church" written by Wes Roberts and Glenn Marshall. These men direct our attention "backward." The title of Chapter 1 is "It's not about OLD ways; it's about MUCH OLDER ways." In that first chapter they argue that what began as movement and grew into monument and that today we need to, once again, become a movement." Today's church has more and does less. Why is this and how do we change it?

Please direct your attention to the screen and answer a few simple questions as posed by Wes and Glenn. Are we willing to be "true" disciples of Jesus Christ? This is the hinge on which the future of the church, country, and culture turns. If the answer is no, hope is gone.

If the answer is yes, then to make an impact consider: In order for us to lead the church today and in the future, we need to set aside much of what we have assumed from the past. The vestiges of Christendom are crumbling all around us. We need to learn some important, yet basic values about "ministry". To learn these values, we need to be willing to think from two perspectives;

First, we must unlearn many of the patterns of Christendom ingrained into our souls. Second, we must return to a biblical basis of doing ministry.

As a thought, let me remind us that God is always on time. He's never early, He never late. As we have seen him begin to do, what I term a special work among us, let us answer His clear, ...

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