by Jerry Watts

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The Circle of Life (7 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 1:40-45

Years ago I preached from this text and entitled it "Coming Clean." Certainly a case can be made and will be made that, like the leprous man, every one of us must come clean or better said, be made clean. However as I restudied this passage, I believe it teaches us more.

For me this day, this text teaches us what I call the "Circle of Life." (Not Disney's or Elton John's version, but God's version of life) We could call it the "Circle FOR Life" or the "Circle IN Life", but what we will see today in our is that life, real life is found, discovered, and received through this circular motion.

Some are already asking, "What is he talking about?" The Bible teaches the principle of the 'circle of life' in many ways. One way is this: "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is OLD he will never depart." Notice the Bible doesn't say he will never stray (although the pray is he doesn't become a prodigal to the Lord), but it does say - he will return (completing the circle). Another is this: Mankind was created by God and placed in the Garden in a perfect environment where God and man enjoyed perfect fellowship. Mankind rebelled, disobeyed and broke that perfect relationship with God. When God calls this world to an end, for those who have returned to God through His Son, Jesus, they will be returned to a perfect environment where God and man enjoy a perfect relationship. The circle is full.

Our text today depicts this circle in a very human way. Watch how it works. It begins with;

1. A Needy Man - A couple of things are very interesting to me.

First, in scripture needy people are always finding Jesus and Jesus finds them. Next, Jesus does not have much time for those who 'feel like' they have no needs. The needy man.

a. He is Diseased - Our text says he has a "serious skin disease", although the translators choose not to name his ...

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