by Jerry Watts

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Becoming a Matthew (9 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 2:13-17

The goal of a believer should be to live for, live like, lift up, and radically love our Lord Jesus. We are to become LIKE HIM in our daily lives and NOT live a "Compartmentalized" life. The same language we use on Sundays should be found in us all week long. The scripture paints pictures for us of what it means to be like Jesus. Tonight the picture of Matthew is seen.

Matthew's example is so important for us to see, understand, and immolate, that Dr. Graham has chosen "Matthew" to help us have one more push to reach lost America. Be aware that religious people may find this offensive because of 'who' our target is.

Jesus brushed aside the religious in search of the REAL focus of His ministry. Based on this episode, Matthew becomes our example and model. See how this unfolds for us.

1) OUR Salvation - This process begins at this point. If you or I do not have this experience, then we, literally, cannot become a Matthew. We may do good things. We may ever see someone genuinely saved, but if we are to be a Matthew, we must begin here. Watch.

a. Our Assessment by the Lord - When I read verse 13 and the first part of 14 I am reminded that Jesus is always moving, working, touching, and reaching. He is not stagnant. People respond to Him and He, being the master-teacher, is always teaching. But look at verse 14 and discern what it says, "He saw Levi (Matthew) the son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax office." In this phrase we discover the truth that Jesus watches, sees, and assesses us. He did for Matthew. Matthew as a tax collector, known as a betrayer to his countrymen.

He was someone who had everything this world could offer but nothing the next world had to offer. Is this not the statement which holds true for most people in America? We have enough money to do whatever we desire (within reason). It's difficult to buy presents at Christ ...

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