by Jerry Watts

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Your Assignment from Jesus (13 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 3:13-19

When I was in high school, I was a BAD student. We were blessed with good teachers, but honestly, I just didn't see the need. (How I wished) In order to teach us, very frequently, they would give us assignments to be completed! Know what? I rarely completed an assignment on time. Now, I could work it out with my teacher using a variety of excuses but the truth was, I was too lazy to complete them because I just didn't see how this would help me in the future. After all, I would never stand before a group of people and speak. (Stop Lau)

Today, I regret my attitude towards my high school studies. How I could USE the knowledge that those teachers were trying to give me, but I knew better than them and as a result, I shortchanged myself - and candidly - YOU, because of the useful information that I don't possess as a result of my high school attitude.

Admittedly, today I am almost a bookworm. Every time I read something found in history or science which I can use to illustrate a message, I become ashamed that I had to wait for so long to learn something so good. Had I completed my assignments back then, today my frame of reference would be so much larger and communication so much easier.

As I watch local church after local church decline in attendance and church member after church member decline in spiritual influence among the lost people, I wonder if what we have done - is actually ducked our assignments from the Lord and shortchanged ourselves.

Our text, I believe, makes a strong case for each one having an assignment from Him.

The question is, "What have we done with what He's called us to do" or "Have we completed our divine assignments or have we excused our way through?" Let work our way through the text, lock on to this question, and hear from the Lord!

STATEMENT: JESUS IS CALLING! He called the fishermen, He called the t ...

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