by Jerry Watts

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Working Through Ungodly Difficulties (14 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 3:20-35

My personal goal as a young minister of music was to be the "best one." This was not for all the right reasons, but I knew I wanted to be the best. So what did I do? I did my best to hang around with the best of the best. Some of these names are Mike Burt, Michael Wierick, Jerry Able, and Benji Harlan. I loved simply spending time with them because, as we were together, I could learn HOW they did, responded, and even handled situations.

Today, I find my motivation to read and study more and more about Jesus and His life is to learn how HE handled things. Interestingly, Jesus never did anything by the book (ours).

Every person encounters difficult situations and to handle difficult situations in your life is -- "difficult." So the best way to learn is to study HIM

Remember - His ways are higher (better)/TEXT CALL

Let's see how HE handles, objective, response/ TEXT

A) THE CRISIS- The crisis is brought, like so often is true, by criticism. Criticism is easy to give and difficult to receive. (Pepper Rogers, the coach of UCLA in the 70's, had a bad season and came under intense criticism by fans and alumni. Things were so bad that he said to his wife, "The only friend I have is my dog." He went to say that "Every man needs at least 2 friends." So His wife bought Him another dog!) (After church one morning a mom said, "Did you hear that choir today, they were awful!" Dad commented, "The sermon was way too long!" The 7-yr-old said, "Well you got to admit, it was a good show for a dollar.")

We see Jesus' crisis in verses 20-22. Jesus has taught with authority, healed the sick, and cast out demons only to find Himself under scrutiny and attack. He's done nothing but good and received little but criticism for His work. (WAS HE a Baptist preacher?) Next, He did take a night to pray and then called and appointed His disciples. ...

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