by Jerry Watts

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Lessons From Farming (15 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today - #15 of
Jerry Watts
Mark 4:1-9

There are lessons in life which stick with us for life. Most of us learn to ride a bike (after some falls) and rarely do we forget how. In my early 40's, I earned my Private Pilots license. Today I still love to fly and could probably fly a small Cessna or Piper Cub without much difficulty. There a simply some lessons which, when learned, they stay with you.

Most of these lessons have a 'desired outcome.' For instance, learning to ride a bike meant that I didn't have to walk everywhere. However, I learned to fly because I love to fly. Being able to look on God's creation from above inspires me and reminds me of the magnitude of God's creative abilities, of His majesty, and even of His love. Lessons are important!

Jesus' desire was and is to teach lessons which people actually learn, understand, and apply. He always seemed to teach simple things and then give them a divine application. Today's scripture is a prime example of how masterful Jesus was and is in this. Most of the time, preachers chose to cover verses 1-20, but today let's unpack some truths from these.

The natural part of this story is this: after dealing with the family issues while sitting in the house, Jesus seemed to march outside and down to the lake. His family may have still been present in this large crowd of people. He got into a boat and turned to teach the crowd. There is a very practical reason for this. There were no electronic sound systems. Jesus knew the properties of the water (that He created) and that they would serve as a sound reinforcement system for His talking. Jesus wanted everyone to hear everything He said.

Very quickly Jesus got to His lesson for the day. He began, "Listen Up - this is the truth." These words are actually my rendition of "Listen, Behold." What Jesus says is important, vitally important. And it is important us to hea ...

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