by Jerry Watts

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Light and Life (18 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 4:21-25

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created. 4 Life was in Him, and that life was the light of men. 5 That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it. - John 1:1-5

And with these words the Apostle John not only began his story about Jesus, but he also introduced the concept of Jesus being "Light and Life." Matthew records Jesus' words of, "You are the light of the world." Jesus' principle was and is that 'as long as I'm in the world I'm the light but when I leave this world, I'm leaving you to be the light!' So here we are, God's people, as the light giving and life giving sources from God for the world. Sobering!

This world needs light and light! Simply look at the happenings these past two weeks and know that we desperate need of the light and the life of the gospel. This message is simple.

1) LIGHT - v21-22 - Jesus says, "Is a lamp brought in." Why do you bring a lamp in? It is to give you light. Before electricity, the lamp was the source of light. One of the most needed things in creation is light because darkness is pervasive, prevalent, and persistent. God didn't have to create darkness, it has existed. (Genesis 1) My personal definition of darkness is the 'absence of light.' Darkness causes you to be blind, get lost, and even hurt yourself. You will have a deeper appreciation for light when you become stuck in darkness. 3 thoughts:

a) Principle of Light - What is it that 'light' actually does? Have you thought about this?

It Attacks - light attacks the darkness. The darkness puts up a fight but light wins.

Think about it, the smallest light wins the battle and can be seen and it helps others to see.

Some people say that ...

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