by Benny Perez

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I Declare There Is More People - Part 2 (9 of 9)
Series: I Declare There Is More
Benny Perez
Mark 2: 1-12

I Declare There Is More People for you to reach.

Background: Jesus has just begun His ministry. He is beginning to preach about and demonstrate the Kingdom of God by healing the sick and casting out evil spirits. Jesus now begins the first group and the house is jam packed.

Four guys choose to believe there are More People To Reach. We can learn some things from
these men about reaching more people.

I. They had a passion to bring OTHERS to Christ. V. 3
Reaching more people is going to require some passion.

A. They brought a friend who desperately needed a life change.

1. A paralytic who had to be carried to church.

2. A person who was in desperate need for the Presence of God in their

3. This man had a disconnect in his life. His head and his body were not
In sync.

Key Pt: How many people have a disconnect in their life. They do not have
Proper alignment. They are out of sync with family, relationships,
Money, career.

B. Jesus Gives us the same passion to reach more people.

1. Reaching more people should will be motivated by Jesus
In the house.

2. No not this house but this House (our life).

3. It is a proven fact that 80 percent of people would attend church if they
Had received an invitation from a friend.

II. Challenges Motivated Them And Did Not Discourage Them. V.4
When you want to reach more people you will face some challenges.

A. The house was packed because of Jesus

1. The crowd was so large their was no room for them to get into the

2. The challenge presented them with an opportunity to either get
Motivated and find a solution and not get discouraged and give up.

B. When you begin to reach more people you will face challenges.

1. When challenges arise you must get motivated, f ...

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