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Fighting for Your Promise (1 of 9)
Series: Fight
Benny Perez
Joshua 6

I want to start a New Series called Fight. The Bible talks about Fighting the Good Fight of Faith! That Jesus has secured the Victory but at times there is still a Fight. We might be Fighting the Flesh (Our Will), Fighting The Devil, Fighting For What Is Right. But make no mistake about it, there is a Fight.

The difference is that we are not fighting in our ability or might. Rather we fight from a Position of Victory rather than fighting for the Victory. We know that the enemy is roaming around seeking whom he may devour. But he cannot devour you when you are aware.

Remember that sometimes life is just a fight at times. But we will not give in but we will Fight with the Grace of God that is within us!

Text: Joshua 6

Background: We find the Israel has come into their promised land. They have crossed over and now are in the process of possessing all that has been promised. Immediately they come up to an Impossible City, Jericho. The city was impossible to take. It had 50 foot walls and 50 feet thick with 2 walls surrounding the city. There was 15 feet between each wall so if you got over one you would be killed in the between.

Many times in life you find yourself seemingly in impossible situations. It may be finances, family, circumstances or habits.

This is not the time to shrink back.

I. There is the Spiritual Nature Of The Battle - Joshua 5:13-15

A. We find Joshua was by Jericho and lifted his eyes.

1. He was probably assessing the situation.
2. He was trying to figure it out.

B. Jesus comes

1. The Angel of the Lord is present.
2. The Angel of the Lord takes over the operation.

Key Pt: God says He will take over, Joshua the battle is not yours but Lord.

C. Joshua spends time with Jesus before the battle.

1. Spending time in worship, r ...

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