by Benny Perez

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Fighting Father (4 of 9)
Series: Fight
Benny Perez
Matthew 7: 7-11

Remember that sometimes life is just a fight at times. But we will not give in but we will Fight with the Grace of God that is within us! 2 Timothy 2:1-4

Remember when you were a kid and you said your dad could beat up your friends dad. You always looked at your dad as being the biggest and best. Unfortunately my kids cannot really say that but I can probably out talk their dad.

We have a Father who is the biggest, strongest and none can compare to Him. He is God the Father. When Jesus comes on the scene He begins to talk about God as a Heavenly Father who is interested in the lives of His children.

A person's perception or understanding of the nature of God will determine their level of faith in His ability or desire to help them. If, for example you believe God to be a father who is distant, stern and harsh, you will hold back from asking for anything from Him. If you know Him as He is - loving, kind, gentle, giving, generous, just and liberal Father then you would not hesitate to ask from Him all that you need.

I. Our Heavenly Father Is Good!
Matthew 7: 7-11 key verse 11

A. Heavenly Father Is Good

1. Jesus points out what evil fathers will do

2. Jesus then points to the Goodness of the Father.

B. The Bible declares that God is Good.

1. Psalm 25:8 "Good and upright is the Lord…"

2. Psalm 34: 8 "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.."

C. We must settle in hearts and minds that God is good!

1. Many of us find this hard to receive because of religion.
2. Many of us find this hard to receive because of relationships.
3. Many of us find this hard to receive because of wrong teaching.

Illustration: I think I am a good dad. Why because I want the very best for
My son and daughter. I want B.J to say some day my dad is a good dad.

II. Our Heavenly Father Is A Giver!
Matthew 7: 11b

A. Heavenly Father is a Big Giver!


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