by Benny Perez

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Night Vision (6 of 9)
Series: Fight
Benny Perez
2 Kings 6:12-23, Ephesians 1:15 - 21

Tell about Night Vision. A movie story when they have an advantage over the enemy because of the night vision goggles. Tell a story of seeing something in my closet. I finally turned on the light and realized it was a shadow.

Backdrop: We find ourselves in the life of Elisha the prophet. He has the ability given to him by the Lord to know exactly what the enemy is planning against Israel. The King of Aram is so frustrated because he thinks he has a traitor. But the Lord is revealing things to Elisha

Don't live life by what you see but by what you know!

I. The Enemy Plans A Attack

A. The King of Aram goes after a threat

1. He is so threatened by Elisha he sends an Army.
2. He does not send a few men but a whole Army.

Key Pt: We must recognize that the enemy knows that you are a threat. He will come After you and me. My friends the Bible says in I Peter that the enemy is like a roaring Lion seeking who he may Devour.

B. The King of Aram will come after you.

1. There will be things that come up against you.

2. Not because you are doing something wrong but you are doing something right.

II. The Enemy Attacks In Dothan v. 13

A. Dothan was a city that was easy to attack.

1. They could surround it very easily.
2. They could make it so there was seemingly no escape.

B. Where is the Dothan in your life

1. Is it your marriage, finances, health.
2. What area seems to be the place where the enemy attacks?

C. Dothan means 2. A place of 2.

1. Dothan is where you can have 2 different perspectives
2. Dothan is where you can either have faith or fear.
3. Dothan is where you can trust or worry.
4. Dothan is where you can look to Go ...

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