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Fighting Bitterness (8 of 9)
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Benny Perez
=Hebrews 12:14=Hebrews 12:15 =Romans 12:17=Romans 12:18=Romans 12:19=Romans 12:20=Romans 12:21

I. Work At Living At Peace v. 14

A. Who Gives Us Peace?

1. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

2. Jesus has given us His Peace

B. We must now live in it

1. Life is about being aware of what is going on.

2. Work not in your power but His power to live at peace.

C. Peace is not the absence of conflict.

1. It is the resolving of conflict.

2. It is the working out of conflict.

3. It is the releasing of conflict

II. What Makes A Person Bitter

A. A life event happens where there is not a good explanation for it.

B. Having harbored hurts deep in your heart
C. Not dealing with offences the right way will lead to bitterness.

D. Not getting what we think we have earned or deserved.

Definition: Bitterness comes from the word meaning bite. It means being
Resentful or cynical.

III. Bitterness Causes Trouble v. 15

A. In Your Spiritual Life

1. It cuts you off from the Grace of God and you end up walking in your own

2. The fruit of the Spirit is less evident.

Key Pt: We cannot control what happens in life but we can control how we
Respond to the events in life.

B. In Your Physical Body

1. It will eventually impact your health.

2. It has been linked ...

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