by Jerry Watts

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The Workings of Jesus (33 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 7:31-37

The book of Mark is such a great study because Mark simply talks about and points us to Jesus. This message is 'Exhibit A' to confirm this truth. The title of this message is simply, "The Workings of Jesus" but it could have been "An Average Day in the Life of Jesus' because this story depicts what Jesus did as a normal routine. Others brought the needy, He met them, He helped them, and they were changed. In the process, people got excited about Jesus.

It seems that every time I read scripture I get convicted about something I am or am not doing because Jesus said, "As the Father sent me, I also send you." What a huge responsibility! Let's look together at these few verses and see what God is saying today….

Picking up in verse 31 we can see Jesus' travel route to return home. It's almost like He's taking a trip to the moon and He goes by the way of the sun or from Birmingham to Montgomery by the way of Huntsville. There are obvious reasons to His travel route: a) He is teaching and training the 12 along the way, b) there were people along the way who needed Him. Now they are back in Decapolis. This is interesting because the last time He was in that area, He was asked to leave because He killed pigs! We remember this story from Mark 5. Now, He's back in Decapolis. What is He thinking? They chose pigs over people before, they might choose something worse this time. But isn't it just like Jesus to not give up on us? I believe He made it a point to return to this place that had rejected Him and offer them a second chance. By the way, our Lord is the Lord of the second chance. His desire is that no one should perish or to be turned away. Jesus said, "Him who comes to me, I will never cast out." Jesus' workings is saving needy people.

Consider this story, how Jesus worked here, how people responded, and how He works today.

1. The Conditio ...

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