by Jerry Watts

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Jesus is the Answer (35 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 8:22-26

Every time I hear the phrase, "Jesus is the Answer" my mind goes back to the 70's and to the writer of this song, "Andre Crouch." I am reminded of that BSU concert in Hattiesburg where we sang that chorus more times than I could count and it resonated more every time we sang it. It holds a special, even emotional place in my heart

The word 'answer' speaks of a 'solution' to a problem or an "accurate response" to a question. Jesus is the accurate response to question of "What is life all about" or "How can I know creator God." He is also the solution to the 'sin problem' which separates us from God. He is the answer. His death on the cross is the payment for sin to those who believe on Him, and His resurrection is what makes us right (justifies us) before the Father.

By the way, He is the ONLY WAY to God! So we come to this story today. It's only 5 short verse, but in these few verses we discover so much and so many truths that we could spend 3 or 4 weeks dissecting it. Today see 3 truths which help us to embrace Jesus as being the answer for life. The answer for it all. And at the end of the day, I pray we embrace Jesus.

1. The Healing - We begin by looking at this man who had a need, he was blind. A bling person is largely dependent on other people. Thirty years ago I went to a concert by an incredible entertainer who is blind, his name is Ronnie Milsap. (You may not like country music, but anyone who puts up 40 #1 songs is pretty remarkable in that world). But I noticed that his assistant brought him out to the piano and make sure that Ronnie had a good grip on the piano. Then Ronnie was on his own, but it was obvious that he had spent a considerable amount of time on the stage becoming aware of distances, space, and other things. At the end of the concert, his assistant was back out leading him off the stage.

Blind people require ...

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