by Jerry Watts

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What Does It Take To Follow Jesus (36 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 8:27-38

The 'what does it take' question was a big question for me as a kid. What does it take to be a man, what 'does it take' to be a Scout, or what does it take to be a football player, are all questions which the boys in my hometown faced. Whether male or female, all face this or similar questions. Sadly, everybody seems to have an answer for these questions, but few of these answers offer any wisdom because, most of the time, what is offered is man's wisdom.

Today, let's frame this question of eternal consequence, "What does it take to follow Jesus?" From Jesus, this is the sequence of events in a person's life: In Matthew 4:17 Jesus calls for people to repent (call to change, be saved, be converted) and then two verse later His zeros in and says, "Follow Me." So if Jesus' call is "Follow Me", what exactly does that entail or mean?

From our text, I offer you 4 truths which answer this question:

1. The Clarity demanded - If you are going to be committed to following someone, you must be absolutely clear about who they are, that they're competent and they KNOW THE WAY!

I illustrate like this: Years ago we had a neighbor who I desired to reach for Christ. We lived on the coast and both enjoyed fishing so I thought, "this will be a great way to spend time with him, get to know him, and lead him to Christ." So, we set a Saturday to go 'out front' and fish. Well smart me, He had a 26' or 28' boat - so I assumed that he KNEW what we were doing and I followed along. Arriving at our destination in the gulf, we 'discovered' groundswells 8-10 feet and seas (waves on top) another 3-5 feet and we were in trouble. Several time on the way back in I feared of capsizing, but we did make it in safely. But that was my last trip! (Understand?)

My friend may have had all the right equipment, but he lacked the knowledge. To read verses 27-29 is ...

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