by Jerry Watts

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"PLEASE - Don't Misunderstand" (39 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 9:30-50

We begin by returning to verse 32 which says, "They did NOT understand this statement, but were afraid to ask." Could this be the mantra of today? It would seem that, in the Americanized church and Christianity of the 21st century, so many truths of God's word have been so watered down, that confusion reigns - and we, being the prideful people that we have become - are afraid to ask. It seems that confusion reigns on Biblical topics such as "What does being 'godly' or 'Christ-like' really mean to "What does it mean to be saved?" Candidly the topics of confusion are seemingly endless while Biblical ignorance runs amuck. For years, Billy Graham was well known for these words, "And the Bible says." Somehow with his voice and his emphasis, we come to understand that the Bible was and is truth. Honestly, candidly, and not trying to be offensive, those words (and truth) have been replaced with the deadly words "What I believe."

I said it last Sunday night to be very small crowd which gathered and I repeat it today, "Believe what you like - but it doesn't change God's truth, because you don't get a say in the matter." In other words, none of us get to define eternal truth, only God does. And His book, the Bible, lets us in on His truth. In our passage today we can discover His message of "Don't Misunderstand."

Consider 4 or 5 things which our text helps us with:
1) About Status (Vs 33-37) - Status is 'big stuff' these days. Sure, people will say they don't care and it doesn't mean anything to them, but when push comes to shove, they want to be influential, they desire to be highly respected, and even have people look up to them. It would seem the disciples knew all about this. Verses 33-37 reveals the disciple's desires and Jesus' teachings.

Let's put this in context: As they left Galilee headed for Capernaum, Jesus could hear the whispe ...

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