by Benny Perez

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Blind No More or the Shout that Stopped God (2 of 6)
Series: Miracles - God Has One for You
Benny Perez
Mark 10:46 - 52

Background: Jesus has been ministering for about 3 years. He has been healing the sick, loving the unlovable, feeding the hungry, teaching and preaching to people about the Kingdom of God. He now come to Jericho with His disciples and a Blind Man is about to receive his miracle!

Bart shows us how to receive a Miracle from God.

I. Don't Wait For The Perfect Circumstances. v.46
''…As He went out of Jericho with His disciples and a great crowd…''

A. Bart did not choose great circumstances to go after his miracle

1. Jesus was with His disciples and a large crowd.
2. Jesus was leaving the city trying to get to His next city.

B. Bart refused to wait any longer.

1. He seized the moment of opportunity.
2. He gave it all he had and lived life in the now.
3. Bart gave up on waiting for tomorrow another day.
4. This was the day no matter the circumstances.

C. We must understand there will never be perfect circumstances.

1. Too many people are waiting for the perfect situation to go after God.
2. Too many people are waiting for things to get a little better.
3. Too many people say tomorrow I will begin the process.

Key Pt: There will never be ideal circumstances for you to go after God to receive your miracle.

II. Assume Responsibility For You Own Life. v.46 - 47
''…sat by the road begging, when he heard it was Jesus…he began to shout.''

A. Bart had to be responsible for his own life.

1. No one could or would step forward for Bart.
2. Bart was in a difficult situation.

B. Bart was blind and sat by the road begging.

1. He was barely surviving.
2. He was on the side of the road of life and it was passing him by.
3. He was down but not out.

Key Pt: He got to the point where he was not satisfied with his present condition.

C. We must get to the same place in our lives!

1. People who are not jus ...

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