by Jerry Watts

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Jesus on Divorce and Marriage (40 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 10:1-12

One of the modern day approaches to preaching is to 'drop-shoot' preaching and do it by a topic. Candidly, that works for many, but this message highlights a reason why I believe in preaching 'through' books of the Bible. I offer you 4 reasons: a) for context, b) for dealing with unpopular issues, c) for dealing with issues when they're not really issues, and d) to preach the WHOLE counsel of God while attempting to rightly divide the truth.

Reading this story I prayed through the many titles and topics which can be gleaned. I considered ''Backing Jesus into a corner'' or even ''Don't Test Jesus'' in which the outline might have been 'the test for Jesus, the tendency of Jesus, and the truth from Jesus.' However, that could leave out the meat of this text and the meat of this text is one of the really hard and unpopular teachings of Jesus. This message is an instructional message.

Most every person here has been touched at some level by divorce. Divorce seems to be viewed differently today than in days passed. My dad's family had 7 kids and 5 of 7 were married once - and for life. Contrast that with my High School Class of 1972 in which very few people are married to their first spouse. Let's face it, in our culture divorce is epidemic today (approx. 1 in 2). Sadly, there is no difference inside the church. Preachers don't like to preach on the subject because of what the Bible says. The response of the church to divorce is either condemn the people or condone the action which results is 'everyone has their own opinions. For the preacher, this has become a no-win situation.

In our text, we find Jesus, doing what Jesus does - He's teaching (and probably angering the Pharisees)

As we see this story, I've entitled this message Jesus on 'divorce and marriage' not Jesus on 'marriage and divorce.' You know why? Because the Pharisees went at this top ...

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