by Jerry Watts

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Life's Most Important Question (42 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 10:17-22

Questions are a part of life. One young wife says that she and her husband try to work different hours so we can provide as much of the care of our preschoolers as possible. One night I said to him, ''The boys have been asking me about religion, sex, life and death. When you're alone with them, what do they ask you? He replied, ''They ask me, 'Where's Mommy?'''

Every day we answer questions. Some questions are important, while others are mundane. If I were to ask you ask you ''What is life's most important question?'' What would you answer? Because this is Sunday and we're asking in church, quite honestly, more people

This past week I heard Dusty Mclemore tells of being in one of Dr. Adrian Roger's last classes, shortly before Dr. Rogers would enter heaven, in which he was teaching pastors. Dusty asked Dr. Rogers this question, ''If you could do one thing differently, what would it be?'' The prince of 20th century preachers replied, ''I'd try to make my messages simpler.''

Because of this importance of this message, allow me to make this as simple as I can.

1. The Setup - It does matter how you ask questions. When you ask a question that is important to you, you do your best to create an environment with the person you ask, to ensure a favorable response. (I.E. your parents, your teachers, your boss, your family, your friends) This is exactly what this unnamed man did.

a. His Approach - He ran to Jesus. This man didn't wait on Jesus to come to HIM - he ran to meet Jesus. Why? Because, for him, this question was deeply important.

By the way, this is what a needy man does, he runs to where he can get his need met. A hungry man will chase down a bread truck, a thirsty man will find a mud hole, and a drowning man will grasp for anything he can grab hold of. This man came running to Jesus.

b. His Attitude - He knelt down. He had al ...

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