by Jerry Watts

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The ''Eye of the Needle'' Principle (43 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 10:23-31

To read this passage of scripture and live in this wealthy land of America should cause any discerning person to sit up and take notice. Do you hear the words of Jesus? Do you believe the words of Jesus? For me, it is very disconcerting. Too many people get their view of God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, and eternal life from sources that are flawed. That is, from their traditions, from their families, from their preachers, or from some other humanistic source. Candidly, as good as the people were who taught me as a child and teen, they really never taught me to look for, discover, and live by the principles which are found in scripture. If we could ever grasp the principle concept, it may well change our life.

1. The Reality - Reality is not very popular these days. Our culture much prefers to live in a land of fantasy and dreams. The majority of people in this nation have bought into the idea that we can 'spend our way out of debt', that the government's job is to hand out to those (not who 'can't' work but) who won't work, and now that as a nation we provide everything that everyone needs. You may think this is a stab at our present President, but for me this is a part of the fantasy which has been growing for 50 years. It begins with the growing belief need God to live life on earth or get to heaven. The truth is, so goes the fantasy that we honestly don't need God messing up our lives and oh by the way, we can make up our theology as we go along. What has resulted is from (Oprah) Winfreyism which says, ''They has to be more than one way'' to Universalism which says, ''We're all going to make it anyway.''

The reality is that the Lord of all creation, the one who in just a few month defeated death and the grave laments two times in three verse, ''How hard it is for people of wealth to enter God's Kingdom!'' You do read that with me, don' ...

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