by Jerry Watts

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Jesus is Your Reason to Be Thankful (44 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 10:32-34

There are times in my life that I know, without a doubt, that God has place a specific message for a specific day. Today is such a time. When we began our journey through the gospel of Mark, I had no idea that this text would come up on the Sunday before ''Thanksgiving.'' Thanksgiving Day should be that one day when people express 'thanks' for the good things in life. To simply read these few verse do not evoke ''Thankfulness'', but I suggest it should. Simply, see 3 reasons to be ''Thankful'' for Jesus because Jesus is indeed your reason to be thankful.

1. His Destination - When Jesus came to earth 'headed' somewhere and He knew where He was headed. In simplistic terms, ''Who wants to serve a god that is not headed anywhere?'' That'd be like the funeral wake of an atheist. They had put a 3-piece suit on the man (which was something he never wore) and one of his friends walked up and said, ''All dressed up and no place to go.'' Aren't you glad that Jesus came to earth headed somewhere?

In our text we are told, twice, that Jesus was headed toward Jerusalem, in fact it says He was headed UP to Jerusalem. While this may seem trite to some people, honestly, it is critically important. They were coming from toward Jerusalem the Northeast which meant they were actually going down to Jerusalem. But for the Jews, no matter where you came from, you were going UP to Jerusalem. There were several reasons for this. First, Jerusalem sat on the 'backbone type of ridge' of the hill that ran north and south between the Jordan and the great sea, so it was seen as geographical. Next, it was there that the temple stood-so Jerusalem was seen as a step up in spiritual terms.

Next, both Psalms and Matthew spoke of Jerusalem as the ''city of the great King'' so it was seen in governmental or military terms. Jerusalem was important for the purposes of Jesus.

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