by Jerry Watts

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Jesus In Action (46 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 10:46-52

On November 4, 1979, a group of 300 to 500 young people in Iran attacked the US Embassy and change a place of sanctuary into a place of occupation. They took hostages, 52 of which were kept until January 20, 1981, some 444 days later. These hostages were released on the day, within a few minutes of President Ronald Regan being inaugurated. I remember this crisis and though I have no way to prove it, it always seemed to me that the Iranians were comfortable pushing President Carter, but they wanted nothing to do with pushing the new President. It seemed to me that they saw Regan as a man of action. By the way, I just read a new survey which placed Ronald Regan as the top president of USA beating out FDR by only a few points. What do these men have in common? They both engendered a following because they were seen a 'men of action.' Simply put, our Lord Jesus is a ''Man of Action.''

Candidly, some people get a little uncomfortable calling Jesus a ''Man of Action'' because of the modern-day skewed view of Jesus. But from what I read in scripture Jesus' life was a life all about action. After starting His day communing with the Father in prayer, He was on the go. He was healing, teaching, casting out demons, touching, and even rebuking. Back then the majority hated His actions and activities and ultimately crucified Him for what He said, taught, and did.

When is interesting to me is that people follow men of action. The reason there are so many cults permeating the religious world today is because the leaders who founded them were, in fact, people/leaders of action.

Our story today is a microcosm of Jesus' action, ministry, and goal. Watch how it unfolds.

1. What Jesus heard - Our story says Jesus came in and through Jericho. He was on His way to Jerusalem because He had already set His face toward, determined to go there because that is where the ultimate fi ...

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