by Jerry Watts

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When He Comes (48 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 11:12-14, 20-21

Our last message spoke of that ''Triumphal Entry'' on the first day of the last week of His earthly life. That day Jesus came into Jerusalem (to the people and the world which He had come to redeem) on a beast of burden; not a White Horse or Golden chariot. He came, knowing what the week would bring, 'HIS DEATH.' He presented Himself as one who fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. Yet, He eyes never were closed. According to verse 11, He came to town and looked around. The day was Sunday.

Verse 12 picks up on Monday. Jesus begins His day like any other person, He was hungry, and so He continues 'looking around.' He sees this tree which has leaves and gives off the 'appearance' that it offered fruit to satisfy His hunger, so He approaches the tree and what unfolds teaches us.

Guess what? His eyes are still not closed and He sees with His powerfully penetrating gaze. In the same way, He looked at this tree and its persona, He looks at us. He not only sees our exterior but He sees our heart. Nowhere in His earthly life is this more clearly seen than we do in our text.

Here's the truth: In the same way Jesus came to Jerusalem on a young donkey, one day He will return on a White Stallion - and when He comes again, He'll be looking for the same things at that time as He does in this story as well as in His earthly life and ministry.

When Jesus comes;

1. He comes EXPECTING - Take a look at verse 12 where it says, ''When they came from Bethany, He was hungry.'' Most of us feel like we know what that means, 'he wanted or needed food.' While that is certainly a part of the meaning, the Greek word also means, ''starving'' or even 'poor or indigent'. In other words, He had a great need which He was expecting to be met.

He came to this tree expecting His need to be met!

All of us live in a world of expectations. We ...

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