by Jerry Watts

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When Jesus Comes to Church (49 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watt
Mark 11:11, 15-19

In his book (When God Comes to Church), Steve Gaines tells the story from his college days. It was a Wednesday night and his pastor said, ''Our spring revival starts in just a week and a half, we sure want people to come to Christ during this series of meetings. In fact, before start the prayer time, let's make a list of people here on the chalkboard. Who of your relatives and friends and neighbors do you want to mention?'' One lady suggested a neighbor, another man suggested his brother-in-law, and it was at that moment that Steve raised his hand. When the pastor recognized him, Steve said, ''Let's pray that God will show up at our revival.'' As Steve tells it there was an awkward silence in the room followed by Deacon saying, ''Well, yes, we know the Lord will be here'' as if to set the record straight. All our lives we have been inundated with the philosophy, if not theology, but where two or three are gathered in God's name, He's there. Theologically we know that God is present with us, however, there is a difference when you experience the manifest presence of God. Like you, I have been in meetings where you could literally reach out and touch the presence of God because he was so incredibly and undeniably real. Do you know what happens when Jesus comes to church? Life change occurs.

In our text, we are reminded in verse 11 that Jesus came in to the city and came into the temple and took a look around. Last week we talked about how he was inspecting things to see how they measured up and now he's returned to straighten up. When Jesus comes into the house, yes he may look around to clean house. As we look at the story I will suggest you four or five things that Jesus does when He is in the house. Every one of these comes from the story.

1. He Recognizes the condition- Every time Jesus comes into anyplace, He can, will, and does, recognized the ...

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