by Jerry Watts

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Mankind's Greatest Crisis (54 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 12:13-17

At the recent "Revival Meeting" we heard 3 great and godly preachers begin their messages with similar statements. Bro. Ed, Bro. Kevin, and Bro. Junior - all began with this thought; "We are in a mess." Now they didn't all say it the same way, but in their own way they said it. We are in a mess economically, politically, culturally, and spiritually. With respect to them, the one thing which they did not say is this: "The Spiritual mess leads the way for all the rest." That is to say, however the church goes, so goes the culture, the politics, and the finances. For you see, we are in a mess today, a crisis if you will, which is more far-reaching than finances and politics. In our day, we call many things a crisis. For some, a crisis is a broken fingernail or a night without a date or a having your cell phone taken away or not working. For others, it is the loss of a friendship, the lack of enough money to buy 'the latest gadget or gismo' or even simply not getting their way. It is amazing what people call a crisis today.

Without any reservation, I submit that the greatest crisis we faces today is found in our relationship or lack thereof to Jehovah God. This is 'Mankind's Greatest Crisis." Our story today highlights this truth in ways that are astonishing.

THE CONTEXT: We are in the last week of our Lord's earthly life. It is probably Tuesday. He has already been challenged by the "Sanhedrin (I.E. chief priests, scribes, and elders)" and not only turned back their challenge, but He told a parable, painting pictures of the future which awaits those who miss the mark with the Father.

We want to see crisis in the horizontal (relationships, felt needs), but the real one is in the vertical.

A cursory reading of this story will give a horizontal impression that this was really about money, however Jesus turns the tables making the l ...

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