by Jerry Watts

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Getting Sidetracked (59 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 13:1-37

Have you ever been sidetracked? Most of us really do you know what that means because it's happened to us. We have started out all right subject, a right course of action, or right pattern of thinking, only to discover that we spider-webbed and lost our direction, or subject, or goal.

In Mark 13 it seems the disciples are wanting to focus on the end time while Jesus wants them not to be too distracted about the events of the end time and keep their focus on their mission.

As we look at this chapter I would like to do the same thing. While you may be disappointed with how we approach this text tonight (and there are many ways to approach this text), I would take this text and give something very practical for each of us. Most of us read this chapter and want to hear a blow-by-blow, sign by sign, and date by date rendition of the second coming of Christ. Perhaps we could take this chapter (plus other texts) and build a case for it. But my heart is to do what Jesus did and tried to direct our attention to the real issue. For you see, the second coming of Christ and the end of the world will but be one blip in time. Admittedly, it will be the blip which ends time, BUT there are far greater issues which Christ expects us to give our attention to. As we work through this text, let's divide our thinking into 3 warning from Him. He tells them and us to:

1. Watch your Focus- Lack of focus will cause a person to be sidetracked. As we read chapter 13, we discover that Jesus gave a plethora of signs which would point to His 2nd coming and the end time.

He said; "many will come in my name saying I am the way and will lead me astray," "Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom," "They'll be earthquakes and famines," and this will just be the beginning. Quite honestly, it's the beginning of the list of signs also.

Jesus speaks of horrible p ...

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