by Jerry Watts

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How Satan Gets Jesus Betrayed (60 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 14:1-2, 10-11, 43-50

Years ago I remember my mom telling me about a very bad situation which happen to one of her sisters. It seems that her sister had worked in retail store and had been promoted to a supervisory position (as a special note; supervisors in any line of work have a target on their back-particularly in today's world). However, for her the situation took a decidedly awkward turn when one of her subordinates (the young woman) caught up with her after work one day on the way to the car. Her words were startling, ''I want your job, and to get it I'm going to bear false witness against you.'' In other words, the show worker was willing to betray my aunt.

We should remember that well-placed lies have power because, for some reason, we like to hear and believe the worst about people, good people, and even the godly people. We can catch people in bald-faced lies and still believe them when they speak about someone who is in a high profile position. Personally, I believe this is a very sad truth about where we are today.

Have you ever been or, at least, felt betrayed? It is a sickening feeling. Betrayal comes when one that you know, trust, and possibly love, turns against you. The online dictionary gives this definition: ''to deliver to an enemy by treachery'', ''to disclose in violation of confidence'', or more simply, ''to hurt.'' Being betrayed has deep implications (I.E. relational, emotional, etc).

Now, as we step back into the life of Jesus through our text, here is what we've come to know: After approximately 3 years of ministry it would seem that Jesus and his message are gaining some real traction among the people. The religious bunch, you know who I'm talking about those who have the rules and regulations and the traditions, just cannot stand it. With every objection they raise, Jesus seems to have a divine answer which now makes them afra ...

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