by Jerry Watts

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Life's Most Important Question (69 of 70)
Series: Mark - God's Message for Today
Jerry Watts
Mark 16:1-8

To read about the resurrection of Jesus is - well - just plain exciting. Jesus' heart stopped bleeding, His blood stopped flowing, His human brain stopped working, and He was buried for THREE DAYS before HE CAME BACK TO LIFE is nothing shy of AMAZING! It is so amazing that many, throughout the years, haven't believed it and refuse to celebrate it. Our text is this story in living color.

Let me give us the cliff notes: Jesus was betrayed by a member of his inner circle. Judas was not just a member, he was the treasurer. Handed over to his enemies, Jesus suffered much. Declared innocent by the only one with the authority to hand out the death sentence, Jesus was scourged, abused, and killed by crucifixion. Joseph and Nicodemus received permission to bury Jesus. His body was laid in a new tomb, the massive stone was rolled in place to cover the entrance, and the stone was sealed into place to make sure no one bothered it. They did, in fact, prepare His body for burial (but they were just men). So Mark 16 opens around daylight on Sunday morning with the ladies headed to the tomb to complete what they knew the men had started. What develops is a landscape altering event which impact you and me even today. Jesus was gone, He was and is alive.

Against the backdrop of the resurrection story we discover a simple message which I would like to glean from the words of this text. After the ladies arrived at the tomb, the young man dressed in white on the right said these words, ''You see Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified.'' My question for you today is ''Who or what is it that you seek?'' This question is answered not so much by our words, but by our lives. These ladies were heartsick about the death of Jesus. The watched as the tomb was closed. That was then, but now they are coming back to express their commitment.

1. They recognized the obstructions - ...

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