by Benny Perez

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Out With the Old In With the New (9 of 13)
Series: Magnificent Jesus/Extraordinary Life (Ephesians)
Benny Perez
Ephesians 4:17-31


The book is broken up into 2 sections: 1) the Believers Position, chapters 1 - 3, and 2) the Believers Practice chapters 4 - 6. This is important to understand that Position always precedes practice. Practice does not secure Position, rather your Position secures your practice. In other words God does not accept you on your Practice but rather on your Position secured in Christ.


Paul wrote Ephesians around A.D 62 from a prison cell in Rome. It was written to Gentile Believers living in the city of Ephesus. The City of Ephesus was a world class city. It would be considered an ancient Las Vegas. One of the 7 wonders of the world, Temple of Diana, was built there. The city was given over to sexuality, lavish and lascivious lifestyle.

Paul helped establish an incredible local church that was impacting the city. People's lives were being changed and Jesus was being preached. Paul is now writing to encourage

Text: Ephesians 4:17-31

I. Living The Old Life v.17-19 The Appeal

A. Don't live as Unbelievers Do v. 17

1. They are confused about truth.

2. They don't know the way of salvation.

Key Pt: There is a difference in how Christ Followers live and how
How others live. There is a difference between the saved and unsaved.

Salvation begins with repentance, which is a change of mind. The whole outlook of a person changes when he trusts Christ, including his values, goals, and interpretation of life.

B. The difference begins with thinking v. 17- 18

1. In the futility of their mind - it leads to no substantial eternal purpose.

2. Their mind is full of darkness - they have not received the illumination that
Comes from Christ

3. They wander from the God Kind of Life - because their minds are closed and
Their hearts are hardened to God.

4. They get harden ...

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