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Favoritism Forbidden (2 of 11)
Series: James - Living Life
Benny Perez
James 2:1 - 13

Background: The Jewish people have been scattered because of persecution. They are now living abroad in foreign countries. They are experiencing some challenging times and James is writing to encourage them. James does not spend much time in teaching doctrine but rather in how our Christian Faith should be lived out.

I. The Faith Given By Jesus Christ

A. James speaking to Believers

1. He starts out by speaking of the faith that comes from Jesus Christ.
2. He brings his readers back to the basis of our faith: Jesus Christ.
3. The centrality of our faith begins and ends with Jesus Christ.

Key Pt. We as Christians must continually reflect upon the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. .

B. Dont show Partiality or Favoritism v.1

1. No partiality - means lifting up the face, favoritism.
2. It means judgment based on external appearances.
3. We favor someone on a perceived value on what we see with our eyes.

C. God does not show favoritism

1. God does not think one person is more special than another.
2. You can see what God thinks of unjust favoritism in Ps.82:2, Prov. 18:5 Mal. 2:9
3. God does not think one city is more special than another.
4. God loves Las Vegas as much as He loves Jerusalem.

Key Pt: We all have equal standing before God. You can have access to God as much as I have. The Throne of Grace is for all who come through Jesus. Act 10:34

II. The Faith that Sees Differently v. 2 - 4

A. James shows us 2 types of people

1. A wealthy looking man - gold rings, fine apparel.
2. A poor man in filthy, dirty clothes.
3. James is showing us a very simple and very real distinction that is made in the world.

Key Pt: He is giving a hypothetical example that is filled with a warning.

B. The Bible is filled with distinctions between the Rich and Poor

1. Jesus many times dealt with the Rich.
2. Some of his teachings were direct ...

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