by Benny Perez

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Faith and Works (3 of 11)
Series: James: Living Life
Benny Perez
James 2:14 - 26

Background: The Jewish people have been scattered because of persecution. They are now living abroad in foreign countries. They are experiencing some challenging times and James is writing to encourage them. James does not spend much time in teaching doctrine but rather in how our Christian Faith should be lived out.

I. Professed Faith Alone Cannot Save You - v. 14 ( Dead Faith)

A. James is speaking to Believers

1. He asks them a question.
2. The question is ''If someone says they have faith.''
3. James is dealing with the Proclamation of Faith.
4. People that speak about their Faith.

Key Pt: Most people find it easier to talk about how they have faith. James is wanting to deal with those that speak only about faith but don't show the faith they possess.

B. James give us an example v. 15 - 16

1. If someone is in genuine need what is our response?
2. Do we just talk to them and bless them or does our faith move us into action?
3. If we only talk and don't do it is of no profit.

Key Pt: The contrast is not one of Faith and Works but of Saving Faith And Dead Faith! Something that is dead has no life and cannot Produce life.

This is what religion does: It produces dead faith, where there is a Profession but no real growth in ones life.

C. Faith By Itself

1. If is not accompanied by works is dead.
2. Dead faith is faith but it is dead not saving faith.

Illustration: It takes a man and woman coming together to produce life.
Both are needed to bring about a new life.
The great theologian, John Calvin, wrote, ''It is faith alone that justifies, but faith that justifies can never be alone.''

Faith in Christ brings life (John 3:16), and where there is life there must be growth and fruit. Three times in this paragraph, James warns us that ''faith without works is dead'' (James 2:17, 20, 26).

II. Does Believing alone Save You? v. 18 ...

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