by Benny Perez

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Live Well, Live Wisely (5 of 11)
Series: James - Living Life
Benny Perez
James 3:13-18

Background: The Jewish people have been scattered because of persecution. They are now living abroad in foreign countries. They are experiencing some challenging times and James is writing to encourage them. James does not spend much time in teaching doctrine but rather in how our Christian Faith should be lived out.

The goal is Christian Maturity and Walking Out Your Faith. It is learning how to become all God
Has in store for you as a Christ Follower.

I. Wisdom Worked Out v. 13

A. The question is asked ''Who is wise and understanding?''

1. It is a rhetorical question to get the person to think not to answer.
2. James is challenging his readers to evaluate the question and think!

B. Most people think they are wise and understanding.

1. I don't think most people think they are dumb and stupid.
2. Most of us think that Knowledge equates to wisdom.

Key Pt: Knowledge does not equal wisdom. Too many people gain knowledge but wisdom is not learned in the head it is shown in real life.

Immanuel Kant: Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

C. If you have wisdom then it must be shown : ''Let him show by good conduct''

1. In how one lives their life.
2. Our deeds and conduct demonstrates that we are choosing to live by wisdom.

D. Lived out in life humbly

1. Humility is not thinking less of you but thinking higher of God.
2. Humility is totally relying on God and what He thinks and says.
3. It is trusting Him and not trusting myself and what I think.

II. The Earthly Source of Wisdom v.14 - 16 NLT

A. James gives contrast in verse 14

1. But if you are ''Bitterly Jealous'' -
2. Selfish Ambition - you are serving for what you can get out of it. The motive is not one of honoring God but gaining a position.
3. Don't cover up the truth with
*Boasting - letting everyone know how good you are by what you have done.
* ...

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