by Benny Perez

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God's Will or Your Will (8 of 11)
Series: James - Living Life
Benny Perez
James 4:13 -17

Background: The Jewish people have been scattered because of persecution. They are now living abroad in foreign countries. They are experiencing some challenging times and James is writing to encourage them. James does not spend much time in teaching doctrine but rather in how our Christian Faith should be lived out.

At the beginning of James 4 we are dealing with people who are at war with God and now at the end of the chapter dealing with people walking in the Will of God. James is warning those who are ignoring God's Will.

There are 3 Reasons Why We Need To Consult God's will when making plans

I. The Complexity Of Life v. 13

A. Notice all the things that need to fall into place.

1. Today or tomorrow - are we going to do something now or later. What thoughts go into that decision.
2. Going to a certain town
3. Meeting certain people
4. Doing business and making a profit.

B. Life at its very core is complex.

1. There are so many moving parts in life.
2. We have a sense that we are in control.
3. We know how to do life.

Key Pt: Apart from trusting in Jesus life is a complex set of things lining up. Life is not meant to be planned out without having the Lord directing your steps.

* James is making a point by saying ''Look here you who are planning Your life in all its complexities without God.''
* Life is complex apart from knowing and trusting Jesus.

II. The Uncertainty of Life v. 14

A. You don't know the future!

1. These people were making plans for whole year.
2. They were going to make money, stay for a year and then move on.

B. How do you know what your life will be like

1. None of us really knows for sure what our life will be like.
2. None of us can dictate the outcome

C. These people were doing their own will.

1. Do any of us really know the future?
2. It is foolish to make plans with our Agenda in mind rathe ...

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