by Marvin D. Patterson

The Richness of Salvation
Marvin Patterson
2 Peter 1:1-4


Three pastors met privately to share their major weaknesses and to pray for one another. The first pastor confessed that he had a serious lust problem and many times found himself in compromising situations.

The second pastor, encouraged by this display of candor, admitted that he had stolen money from the church and needed help in managing his finances.

The third pastor then said, ''My weakness is gossip…and I can hardly wait to get out of here!''

After an exceptionally long and boring sermon the congregation filed out of the church not saying a word to the pastor. After a while a man shook the pastor's hand and said, ''Pastor, that sermon reminded me of the peace and love of God!'' The pastor was ecstatic. ''No-one has ever said anything like that about one of my sermons before! Tell me, how did it remind you of the peace and love of God?'' ''Well'', said the man, ''it reminded me of the peace of God because it passed all human understanding and it reminded me of the love of God because it endured forever!''


We are going to take a look at this wonderful second epistle of Simon Peter. He taught many important doctrines in the first epistle, and now we will see what he had to say about one year later. This is right before Peter dies a martyr's death in Rome by being crucified upside down. His first epistle was written to encourage those who were being persecuted for righteousness sake. This epistle speaks much in warning the people against the dangers and heresy of false prophets and false doctrine.


1- The Writer
1 Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:
The name Simon was a very common name in the New Testament Days. There were nine Simons listed in the New Testament, one of which was Simon Peter. Simon is t ...

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