by Lenny Ports

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Prayer and Fasting Bring Change (1 of 4)
Series: Fast and Furious
Lenny Ports
Isaiah 58:1-14

We are entering into a time of consecration or prayer and fasting as a church. Over the next 21 days, we will be carving away time and pushing away food (or Facebook or TV or some other habit) to spend time with God in prayer. Notice I said Prayer and Fasting, not Fasting and Prayer because Prayer is the priority. Fasting is not a Christian diet even though you may lose weight. It is a call to starve your old Adamic nature, your flesh, your carnal self in order to become sensitive to the voice of God and the things of the Spirit. It is the opportunity to give ourselves completely (body, soul, and spirit) to Jesus in order to commune with Him and hear clearly what the Spirit is saying to us.

Fasting is not easy. Let me encourage you to give yourself to:

• Prayer instead of gourmet fare,
• The upper room instead of the supper room,
• Living with lack rather than another snack

You will be hungry but turn your physical hunger over to God, and He will satisfy you with spiritual satisfaction. A full spirit is better than a full belly. When we are touched in our spirit man, we will be fulfilled in our soul and in our bodies as well.

Let me help you: When you see something you would love to sink your teeth into, tell yourself this: that will taste real good when you come off the fast. For me, usually around the 3rd day or so, I start making a list of all the things I am going to eat when I come off the fast. It reminds me of a story my pastor of 25 years ago told me.

He went on a very long fast. He thought in order to help himself, he needed to get away from the conveniences of home and the refrigerator constantly calling his name. So he went deep into the mountains and found a cabin to stay that bordered a farm with horses and cows. He did well for the first several weeks. But then it was becoming more and more difficult. He tells the story of going out o ...

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