by Joe Alain

What Every Child Needs - Part 2
Joe Alain
Proverbs 22:6

"Train a child in the way he should go." This verse implies that one, there is a "right" way that a child should go, and two, that it will take a responsible parent to "train" the child to go in that "right" direction. God desires that parents train their children in the "right" way so that a godly heritage will continue.
Life Application: "You as a parent have the opportunity and responsibility to pass on the Christian faith by instilling enduring godly principles into the lives of your children." In order to know what we need to "pass on," we need to know what our children need. In the last message, I shared that one universal need that all children have is the need to be loved unconditionally, impartially, and unselfishly. Today I want to add three more needs that every child has.

Another need that every child has is . . .
The Need for Security
Security is stability and every child needs that in their lives. This stability is the opposite of so much chaos that reigns in homes today. Now, we're not talking about the normal kind of "craziness" that goes on in the home. Some of you may be thinking, "My life and home is always chaotic!" I'm talking about moral chaos and confusion and the lack of a commitment to "being" present as the parent in your child's life.

Studies have shown that American children have begun to show signs of what children in war torn regions experience, a feeling of detachment and anxiety. Children in these regions often lose parents to the conflict, they lose their homes, and psychological issues are quite frequent. In America too many children are anxious and fearful, feeling detached and suffering psychological issues because they lack a stable home environment. Many homes are like war zones. Children need to know that Mom and Dad love one another, they are "present" in their lives, and that they are going to be there for them.

A secure home is a home where the ...

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