by Stephen Whitney

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Cain: Uncontrolled Anger (5 of 18)
Series: Lessons from the Lives of OT Characters
Stephen Whitney
Genesis 4:1-8

In Columbus Ohio the death of Dennis Lewis was shocking as The National Honor Society student and member of the marching band was shot to death in his bedroom just after midnight while masked robbers held a gun on his mother in ther next room.

His mother said several men wearing black masks, white shirts and white sneakers entered the house, put a gun to her head, demanded money and asked who else was in the house. Dennis was asleep in the next room with the door shut. A couple of the men when into the room and he was shot in his bed.

The police arrested his identical twin, an advanced placement student also active in their high school band. Authorities are accusing Derris Lewis of taking part in the plan the attack and being an accomplice in his brother's death, saying his bloody palm print was found in the bedroom where Dennis was killed.

The boy's older sister said, ''There's no way, shape or form that my brother was even in that house. He would never put my mom in harm's way whatsoever - she didn't raise killers or criminals.''

That is probably the same feeling Eve had when she found out that their son Cain had killed his younger brother Abel out of anger.

Why does someone deliberately decide to take the life of someone else? James Fox, a professor of criminal justice at Northeastern University in talking about mass murders said, ''They have a long history of frustration and failure. Secondly, they blame others for their failures.''

Thirdly, there is usually some kind of precipitating event that pushes the killer over the edge . . . they don't care about living anymore but of course they want to get some sense of vengeance. They see themselves as a victim.''

We take out our anger and frustration on someone.

Sons :1-2
God blessed Adam and Even with a son who they named Cain meaning 'gotten' beca ...

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