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Esau: Foolish Choice (3 of 18)
Series: Lessons from the Lives of OT Characters
Stephen Whitney
Genesis 25:21-34

In February 2010 a Japanese restaurant owner turned the nation's everyday ramen or noodle soup into a pricey, gourmet affair that costs more than $100 and takes three days to fully prepare.
The "Five-Taste Blend Imperial Noodles" offered at Tokyo's Fujimaki Gekijyo restaurant is ultimately just a bowl of soup and noodles, even though it is an expensive one.

Owner Shoichi Fujimaki said that the more than 20 ingredients used to make the soup elevate it from common ramen soup into a five star cuisine, with a price tag to match. He said, "It's not really ramen. It is my cuisine, it's my 25 years of experience distilled into one bowl. This is the only place in the world that people
have this kind of soup."

A bowl of ramen from any of the tens of thousands of little shops and stalls that are everywhere in Japan usually costs about $10 at the most. Fujimaki's ramen cost's $110 a bowl and uses top-grade Chinese stock blended with another stock inspired by the spicy, Thai tom yum soup as well as spices, meats and vegetables.

Initially, the restaurant sold a ramen dish with more than your average toppings for an above-average price of $33. Then he decided to create the even more complex dish, with an even
higher price tag to serve at his reservations-only restaurant that has no menu and which customers can only dine in after they eat at a cheaper restaurant he owns.

Hideko Furusawa, who is 49 years old said, "It's certainly expensive, however, I think that it is sometimes better to come here and spend ten thousand yen than to go to another place and spend a thousand, ten times."

How much would you be willing to spend for a bowl of soup?

Would you spend $110 for one bowl believing that it is really that good or would you spend just $10 a bowl so you could have 11?

Our personal desires can cause us to make foolish choices based ...

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