by Joe Alain

Come to the Table: A Communion Meditation
Joe Alain
Romans 3:22; John 14:15-18; Romans 7:15

Themes: The Lord's Supper is not only an expression of worship for believers, but by its very nature it is evangelistic. In the Supper the work of Christ is held up as an invitation for people to trust in the Lord. For believers, the Lord's Supper is an occasion for spiritual renewal and refocusing of kingdom priorities.

Introduction: It's hard for us 2000 years plus removed from Jesus on earth to realize just how powerful His words and actions were when he took some unleavened bread used for the Jewish Passover and distributed it to his disciples, gave thanks and said, ''This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.'' Jesus was essentially replacing the Jewish Passover. The Passover celebration that called the Jewish people to remember God's mighty power in freeing God's people from slavery was being replaced with a celebration of Jesus who by His death and resurrection would set those who were captive to sin free. What Jesus did could only be seen as either blasphemy, because he was setting himself up to be worshiped as the living Savior, God Himself, or as God's establishment of the New Covenant, the fulfillment of God's plan from the beginning.

Communion As an Anti-Worldy Expression of Worship
Jesus could not have chosen a more anti-worldly expression of worship than the observance of what we call the Lord's Supper or Communion, a practice that honors Jesus as crucified and risen, a ceremony where the participants (us) symbolically eat flesh and drink blood. Think about it, that's pretty bizarre stuff if you're not on the inside and in the know. The Lord's Supper is the most anti-wordly expression of worship that we do. Positively, the Lord's Supper is the most Christian expression of worship that we do. You can sing and not be a Christian and get something out of it. You can listen to a message and not be a Christian and get something helpf ...

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