by Joe Alain

Hurry Up and Slow Down
Joe Alain
Psalm 46:10a; Mark 6:30-46

Several weeks ago I was having a particularly stressful day. Now it seems when you're having that kind of day, nothing goes right. I made my way to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital to visit with one of our members before surgery. I thought I had given myself enough time to get there but I left the church a little later than I had planned. When I arrived all of the minister's parking spaces were taken, so right off I'm not too happy. Then my mind begins to imagine that most of the people parking in those spaces are probably not ministers which makes me even angrier. Then I get behind a line of cars on the second floor and they are not moving because someone way up at the front of the line is waiting for some person to pull out so they can get the coveted parking spot on the second floor.

So this goes on for it seems like an eternity. Finally, we get moving but it's slow and everyone else in front of me is looking for a spot on the second floor too. So by now I'm really stressed and I figure that I'm probably not going to see this person before their surgery. The line is still not moving so I exit out of the parking garage thinking I'll just zip on down the street to the outside parking lot and go in from that direction which I have done many times. So I buzz on out of the garage down the street where I find that parking lot is more crowded then I have ever seen it before. There are one or two spots way at the end so I fly out of that parking area back to the garage to see if things have improved. They haven't, but I'm determined I'm not leaving this time.

After what seems like another eternity of winding up five floors I'm on the top of the garage where I literally park in the last open spot on the top floor which is the spot that is physically the farthest you can get from the entrance of the hospital. By then, I'm the one that needs prayer! I've discovered that I suffer from what John Ortberg h ...

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