by Jeff Schreve

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On a Mission from God (1 of 8)
Series: Setting the House in Order
Jeff Schreve
Titus 1:1-4

If you have your Bible, please turn to the Book of Titus. Titus is right before Philemon, which is right before Hebrews, a little book, just three chapters.

Now any of you who have little kids or have had little kids, you know that little kids are a lot of fun. And the thing is about little kids, as I remember back and now with my granddaughter, Emmy, they're so fun. But when they come over, they can make a mess. Have you noticed that about little kids? There's just something about them. You know, they want to get out all the toys, and their toys have lots of pieces, and it just goes everywhere. Well, when my kids were little, Debbie would want to go out and be like, ''Hey, I want to go shopping with my friends.'' And it's like, ''That's fine. You've just got to take the kids.'' There came that time where it's like, ''No, you're going to watch them and I'm going to go out for the next five hours, and you're going to be home with them.'' And, man, that's hard. And so there would be a mess. And then she would tell me, she said, ''And when I come home, I don't want there to be a mess.'' And so once I cleaned a room, I told the kids, ''You're not going back in the kitchen because we cleaned that room and nobody goes in there again.'' And then Debbie would call and say, ''Well, I'm coming, you know. I'm going to be home in about 20 minutes.'' And so I'd be like, ''All right, kids, we've got to clean up. We've got to get the house in order.''

Because if she came home and there was a mess, she wasn't going to be happy. And we all know if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So I had to work to get it cleaned up. Now the Book of Titus is kind of like that. Titus is a pastoral epistle. There were three written. Two were given to Timothy where Paul is writing from the apostle to the pastor. Timothy was in Ephesus and Titus was in Crete. Both of those guys had probably bee ...

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