by Jeff Schreve

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The Master's Plan for Discipleship (4 of 8)
Series: Setting The House In Order
Jeff Schreve
Titus 2:1-8

If you have your Bible, please turn to Titus chapter 2. We're going through the Book of Titus in a sermon series called, ''Setting the House in Order,'' because that's what Paul, had called Titus to do - ''Set in order what remains.''

Now I want to know by a show of hands, how many in here have seen the movie, ''The Ten Commandments?'' All right. Has anybody not seen ''The Ten Commandments?'' Okay. So that was going to be your homework assignment if you haven't seen it, to go see it. But I was thinking about the movie, ''The Ten Commandments,'' and as you know the story from the Bible and also from the movie. When God's people left Egypt, they left, and the Egyptians gave them all sorts of gold and silver. They just wanted them out of their midst because terrible things were happening as God put the plagues on the Egyptians. And so the people left. And after the people left, it dawned on Pharaoh, ''What did I just do? I let go of all our slaves.'' Roughly, a million and a half, two million people, it was a lot of people. And so, then Pharaoh mounts up his chariots and gets his army out there to pursue Israel. And in the movie it's so interesting, because God led His people to a place called Pihahiroth, which is that place right by the Red Sea at the base there of the Red Sea. And there's nowhere to go. They kind of got hemmed in to this spot. And here is Pharaoh, and he's coming, and he says these words in that Yul Brynner voice. He says, ''Moses' God is not much of a general.'' He said, ''If you were a general, he wouldn't have led them to this place.'' But Moses' God knew exactly what He was doing, because Moses' God was going to open up the Red Sea. And Pharaoh had no concept of how a God could do that. One of the last lines in that movie is the best line of all, where his sweet wife, Nefretiri, says to him, being sarcastic, obviously, says, ''Can y ...

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