by Jeff Schreve

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Turning Your Job Into A Joy (5 of 8)
Series: Setting the House in Order
Jeff Schreve
Titus 2:9-10

Good evening. Great to see you guys here tonight. Hope you've been having a good week. If you have your Bible, please turn to Titus chapter 2.

How many of you know the name of the singer, Donald Eugene Lytle? Anybody know the name Donald Eugene Lytle? He had a number one hit in 1977, but it wasn't under the name of Donald Eugene Lytle. It was under the name of Johnny PayCheck. Anybody ever heard of Johnny PayCheck? What song comes to your mind? ''Take This Job and Shove It.'' Yes, that's right.

He passed away in 2003. But that song was so popular back in the day, 1977, two weeks as the number one song. Now obviously it's kind of like, whoa, that's not a good song. But you know why it resonated with so many people; why people liked that catchy little tune? They liked it because so many people want to say that to their employers because they don't like their job. And so they're like, ''You can keep this job.'' And not only do you want to quit the job, but you want to quit it in such a fashion that you burn your bridge on the way out the door.

Now listen. When you think about your job, do you like your job? Are you excited to go to work? Say, ''Jeff, let's not get crazy here. You know, I may say, I'm not excited to go to work.'' Now listen. Lots of people, they're attitude toward their job is it's terrible. For some people it's tolerable. For a very few people they'd say, ''It's terrific! I love my job, and I love what I do, and I love the people I work with.'' God wants to turn your job into a joy. You say, ''Is that even possible?'' It is possible when you look at your job from the Lord's perspective, from the Lord's point of view. Now some of us have jobs and they're just jobs that you're doing. It's a stop-gap. It's just, ''I needed a job.'' It's not going to be your life career. But still, whether you're doing something that you're going to be doing fo ...

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