by Jeff Schreve

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Are You Following the Instruction of Grace? (6 of 8)
Series: Setting the House in Order
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Titus 2:11-15

If you have your Bible, please turn to Titus chapter 2. We are in a study on Wednesday night on the Book of Titus entitled, "Setting the House in Order," because that's what Paul told Titus to do. "I left you in Crete (the island of Crete), he said, that you would set in order what remains," and get things going on that island and set up the churches and do the things that he needed to do.

Well, I was thinking today about a test that I took in 3rd grade. Pretty amazing that I would remember a test that I took in 3rd grade but I remember it. I remember it vividly. And, I mean, back, when I was in 3rd grade that was in the dark ages. I mean, that was a long time ago. And here I was. And I remember the teacher getting up and she said to the class, she said, "Now, class, we're having a pop test, pop quiz." It was 10 questions. She said, "It's really important on this test to listen to the instructions and to read the directions, before you start the test." And you know, I've always been a competitive person, and I was competitive in 3rd grade. And so, if we were going to have a test, 10 questions, I wanted to be first one to finish, you know. And so, I got the test and I just started tearing into the questions, and I was really surprised at how hard the questions were. And so I'm on question 2, and Natalie turned in her paper. And I was like, "Come on! There's no way that you're that much faster than I am." So I'm working even harder. And then, this person turns it in, and that person turns it in. And I was freaking out. And then, I finally looked at the directions and looked at the instructions, and it said, "This is a test to see how well you follow directions. Write your name on the paper and turn it in" (laughter). So I didn't do very well because I wasn't following the instructions. Well, Paul talks to Titus, and he talks to him about ...

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