by Marvin D. Patterson

The Remarkable Resurrection of Christ!
Marvin Patterson
Matthew 28:1-10

Thank you choir and praise team for leading us in worship and reminding us that we serve a risen King! Jesus rose from the dead so that you and I could live the abundant life here on this earth, and so that we could have eternal life in heaven with Him for all eternity.

Maybe you are here this morning and you are at the end of your rope. You wonder if things will ever get any better in your life. The world says to tie a knot on the end of your rope and hang on! But friends, that is not much consolation when it seems that your whole life is caving in around you! It could be that you are scarred, worried, stressed out because of a sickness, a financial collapse, an unexpected layoff from a job that you were counting on, or the separation and divorce from a spouse, or the death of a loved one.

It may be that your children or family is in a crisis situation this morning, and you hate to even imagine how it is all going to turn out! Well, if you are here this morning, then God intended for you to come and here the good news that Christ died was buried, and now He has risen from the dead for your salvation and strength. You are here by the design of God, and He wants to change your life and help you through any obstacle that you may be facing this morning. That is what Easter is all about! You can rejoice this morning because Jesus is alive and doing quite well! He wants to help you on the job, in that financial difficulty, that unemployment condition, that heartache and heart break that is draining the very life out of you this morning.

Let us travel back into time two thousand years and look again at that first Easter Morning. The circumstances were very similar to yours this morning for these ladies who came to the Garden Tomb bright and early on Sunday Morning! They had heard the precious words of Christ, and they had seen His marvelous miracles, and they had experienced His lo ...

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